Frequently Asked Questions

You’re here because you may have an issue that needs resolving, and we’re here because we love to help. Please see below for categories of common issues, and more specifically links to answers that will helpfully resolve them.

1. General

How long is the MBA program?
London Metropolitan University Online MBA is usually 15 to 18 months.
Can I try some of the courses before applying?

Talk to our course advisors; you may be able to join as a guest for the first lecture.

Can postgraduate degrees & courses be done online?

Yes. London Met Online MBA and International Business Management with Project Management MSc are 100% online.

How is an online MBA different from a regular MBA?
The course contents of an online and on-campus MBA are largely similar but different in the way they are structured and delivered. Both courses are built to the same high standards and quality students have come to expect from London Metropolitan University. While the on-campus MBA has a fixed schedule, the online version is self-paced, making the latter ideal for working professionals.
How much is the Registration Fee to enrol for the London Met Online program and when will I be required to pay the same?
You have to pay a registration fee of INR 15,000/- to enrol in the London Met Online Program and you will be required to pay the same only after receiving your conditional offer letter
When would I receive my conditional offer letter?
You will be receiving your conditional offer letter within 72 hours of submitting the required documents.
What would be my entire program fees?
Your entire program fees would depend upon various factors such as early bird concessions, scholarships earned, like your present country, your selected course and your mode of study, thus we recommend filling in your inquiry and speaking to our expert Counsellor for further details.
Will the degree specifically say, “Online MBA”?
No, Your degree will read “Master of Business Administration” with no reference to the mode of delivery. View Sample Degree
What is London Metropolitan University accreditation?
London Metropolitan University (LMU) is a public domain university with RPL and REL accreditation, Chartered Management Institute accreditation and recognized/chartered by Privy Council.
Can I attend On-campus convocation?
Yes, upon successfully completing the Online MBA academic program you may apply to attend the On-campus convocation ceremony.
Will I receive a physical copy of the degree?
Yes, you will receive the physical copy of the degree from London Metropolitan University (LMU).
I have more questions. Who can I speak with?
Feel free to reach out to our Career Counsellors or you can email us at Or you can also call us at +917487954595

2. Getting Started

I’m ready to study; how do I get started?
How does studying with London Met Online work?

A normal week is composed of up to 30 hours of study including webinars, tutorials, online facilitation and self-study.

Some sessions take place at a set time face-to-face on weekends (this is known as synchronous delivery). This provides you with immediate feedback from your lecturers and/or fellow students. The rest (known as asynchronous delivery) is learning that is provided to students and accessed when you choose. Students can log in and access all learning materials online.

How do I enrol?

You can apply online by filling in the application form on our website.

Does London Met Online offer short courses?

Not yet, but we are preparing this option – short courses are expected to be available in 6 to 8 weeks.

Does London Met Online offer free courses?

No, but you can talk to our course advisor about nested courses and duration of each module to suit your schedule and timeline.

What is online education?

When you take up online learning, you don’t attend a bricks and mortar classroom or lecture hall. Your university gives you the study materials and guidance you need to work through your degree on your own terms. You’ll still get to interact with students and tutors, but it’ll be in online discussion forums instead.

You’ll still have set dates for assignments and exams, it’s just that it’s easier for you to structure your study around your timetable.

What is ‘weekend MBA’?

It’s an MBA programme that is 100% online, live lectures take place on the weekends, so that your work and lifestyle are nor disrupted.

What are the advantages of online higher education?

You’ll find online higher education is flexible enough to fit around your life.

Since there are study terms all year-round, you’re able to set your own study pace and fast-track your degree. You can also design a study load that suits you because you can mix and match the number of subjects you take each study term.

Don’t forget, learning online through us means you can study anytime and anywhere. Your lecture and tutorial materials are available day or night, and you’re free to study from anywhere with internet access.

Is there anybody who can help me if I get stuck?

If you’re having problems enrolling, choosing, or withdrawing from subjects, or dealing with any other administrative issues—don’t stress. Get in touch with our student advisors.

Your university tutor can also help with anything related to your subjects or assessment. You’ll find contact details for academic staff with your study materials.

Will all my classes be online?

You’ll learn most of your subjects online through your university’s learning management system (LMS).

Which institution gives me my qualification?

You’ll get your qualification directly from the university that provides your degree. So, that means that if you complete an MBA through London Met Online, you’ll graduate as a London Met student.

4. While Studying

Can I study with London met Online overseas?

Yes. You can study anywhere if you’ve got a stable internet connection.

How long does it take to finish an online degree?

London Met Online master programmes can usually be completed in 15 to 18 months..

3. Application Process

What type of applicant does London Met Online look for?

Our aim is to recruit students with ambition and drive, from varied academic and professional backgrounds. Students may not have extensive business management experience, but they will bring their curiosity, enthusiasm for the subject, and valuable personal experience of business products and services.

How do I begin my application?

You can get in touch with our team of specialists for a consultation to get started at London Met Online. The team can assist you to check your eligibility related to your course, help you select the relevant modules, outline a course planner in accordance with the enrolment dates, and take you through the enrolment process step by step.

When is the deadline to apply?

There are six intake dates every year; the final deadline for application submission is one week before the intake date.

What is the minimum TOEFL/IELTS/PTE scores you accept?

IELTS 6.5 overall (or above) with no less than 6.0 in any subcomponent (alternative English language test results are also considered)

Is work experience required?

Yes, two years work experience in any area

Are there any prerequisite courses? Do I need an undergraduate degree in business or a professional business background?
  • For MBA – A bachelor’s degree in any discipline or equivalent
  • Alternative entry for UK students:An equivalent to a degree including a professional qualification at Level 6 or above from professional institutions such as the Chartered Management Institute, the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants or the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.
  • For International Business Management with Project Management MSc: A minimum of a 2:2 Honours degree from the UK or recognised international university or another equivalent international qualification or an acceptable professional qualification equivalent such as the CMI, CIM, CIMA, at Level 6 or above
How much experience do I need to enrol in Online postgraduate course/degree?

Minimum 2 years

When is my cut-off date for enrolment?

Our close of enrolment times vary. You can reach out to student services via email or contact our friendly course advisors. 

  • Academic
  • Administration
  • Finances & Payment
  • What’s a study term?

    When we talk about study terms, we mean the fixed period of time that subjects are offered in.

    Study terms are broken down into sessions, study periods, semesters and trimesters.

    What’s an intake?

    An intake is a time (date) when a new cohort of students start studying.

    Can anyone help me choose my subjects?

    Our course advisors are more than happy to help you plan your online study. You even have the option of enrolling ahead, to save you the stress of multiple enrolments.

    Who can help me put together a study plan for my degree?

    If you’re not sure which study plan is right for you, contact a course advisor. They’ll know the subjects you need to study and the order you’ll need to study them. They’ll also be able to suggest ways to organise your study load around your day-to-day life commitments.

    Can I do more than one subject at the same time?

    Yes. If you’re not sure to how much work you want to commit, contact a student advisor.

    Can I do more than one degree at once?

    Yes, you can. Contact a course advisor if you’re interested in studying a couple of degrees.

    Can I get credit for my previous studies?


    Do I have to attend online classes in real time?

    The expectation is that students will attend online classes once a week.  However, if due to unforeseen circumstances students cannot attend a class, recordings will also be made available.

  • When is my cut-off date for enrolment?

    Our close of enrolment times vary. You can reach out to student services via email or contact our friendly course advisors.

  • How can I pay for my studies?

    There are several payment options available, depending on the region you are from. Visit our: Finance options page.

    Are study loans available?

    There are several payment options available, depending on the region you are from. Visit our: Finance options page.

    Is financial aid available?

    There are several payment options available, depending on the region you are from. Visit our: Finance options page.

    What is the cost of the tuition for the program?

    This is market dependent as we are charging different rates for three different regions. Find out more on our Finance Options webpage.

    How much is postgraduate study in the UK?

    This is market dependent as we are charging different rates for three different regions. Find out more on our Finance Options webpage.

    Is postgraduate free in the UK?

    No, however, we have several affordable payment options and plans that can help you achieve your post-graduate qualifications: Visit our Finance Options page