Online Part-Time MBA to advance your career

  • Affordable: Pay as you go
  • Flexible: Online with multiple exit points
  • Accessible: Study anywhere

Study a part-time MBA online with London Met Online

Take the first step in advancing your career with our affordable, flexible part-time MBA online. A globally-recognised MBA programme, our course will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to thrive in the ever-changing, competitive business world.

A part-time online MBA programme with London Met Online will equip you with more than just a degree. It will provide you with the ability to:

  • Improve your strategic and critical thinking skills
  • Resolve complex business issues
  • Refine your communication, networking, negotiation and team-building skills
  • Generate insights and make strategic decisions amid uncertainty

Whether you’re looking to embark on a new career in business, take on a senior role at your current job, or even start your own new business, a part-time MBA online with London Met Online will help get you there sooner.

Transform your career with a part-time online MBA programme

Our 100% online MBA programme offers a clear pathway to career transformation. By studying a part-time MBA online with us, you’ll receive:

  • A globally recognised qualification that will give you access to an exciting range of job opportunities across the globe
  • A chance to study real-world scenarios that will enhance your ability to investigate and solve complex business problems
  • An opportunity to learn from a network of qualified UK-based experts with years of industry experience

What’s more, you’ll enjoy the unparalleled convenience of being able to access your online course from anywhere.

Your part-time MBA online course overview

As one of the best part-time online MBA programmes for you, our course incorporates a collaborative and practical learning approach. Group work, case studies, presentations, real-world problem-solving exercises, and writing for various audiences are all key features of the programme.

All course modules incorporate the virtual learning environment, and all core learning materials are available on the platform. The online seminars and lectures aim to develop the critical thinking, business decision making and interpersonal skills, along with providing students with tools of analysis and clear guidance on how best to independently apply their learnings.

Importantly, our programme incorporates industry feedback to ensure all content is applicable to current business environments. Our goal is for you to complete the course with a broad and clear understanding of how modern businesses operate, which will in turn prepare you for a successful career in business.

London Met Online — the best online part-time MBA provider for you

At London Met Online, we’re committed to helping you achieve your learning goals and obtain a high-quality qualification. By studying our affordable part-time MBA online course, you’ll be undertaking a quality MBA at a fraction of the cost of other MBA courses. We have a limited number of seats per intake — apply now so as not to miss out!

Alternatively, if you’d like to learn more about how studying a part-time MBA online can help transform your career, visit our MBA online page for further detailed course information. You can also contact a course consultant who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

University study online: Frequently asked questions

Can postgraduate degrees & courses be done online?

Absolutely! London Met Online MBA and International Business Management with Project Management MSc are 100% online.

How does studying with London Met Online work?

With London Met Online MBA and International Business Management with Project Management MSc a normal week is composed of up to 30 hours of study including webinars, tutorials, online facilitation, and self-study. Online face-to-face delivery is on weekends and means that students are required to log in and participate in class at a specific time each week.  During the week students can log in and access all learning materials online at any time they choose.

How much is postgraduate study in the UK?

Tuition fees are market dependent as we are charging different rates for three different regions. Find out more on our Finance Options webpage.

Is postgraduate free in the UK?

Not, however, we have several affordable payment options and plans that can help you achieve your post-graduate qualifications: Finance Options 

Why should I choose distance learning postgraduate courses with London Met Online?

Delivered by EOL, the online learning division of ECA, London Met Online programmes give you access to expert tutors, and excellent learning resources and is designed to provide students with a world-class education.

We put your job prospects and flexibility needs at the heart of our online course’s curriculum and timetables. Our industry-oriented postgraduate courses are aligned with your career goals and adapted to incorporate the changing needs of the industry and current business market.

Furthermore, London Met Online MBA and International Business Management with Project Management MSc are 100% online, affordable, and self-paced so that your work and life balance isn’t disrupted.

Do you need help navigating a London Met Online Program?

Contact us and talk to a consultant from your desired department for friendly guidance. We’ll get back you as soon as possible, during regular office hours.